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Water Damage

Restofix Services specializes in water damage to structure and contents. As an insurance preferred contractor, we provide the assistance and guidance when an emergency occurs. Our technicians are fully trained in the mitigation of water damage to your property no matter how large or complex. In what can be a complicated and traumatic event, our office staff will provide the reassurance by assisting you in your insurance claim.

Once Restofix Services have been appointed by your insurer, loss adjuster or strata manager to assist you with your claim we will provide immediate service and guidance and maintain this throughout the course of your traumatic event. If you have suffered water damage to your building and/or contents and Restofix Services has been appointed to mitigate your water damage claim then the following will occur:

  • Inspection of your property is conducted to ascertain scope of damage and source of problem (if applicable).
  • Ensure the property is safe and is free of hazards. Restofix Services will liaise with the insurer, Tenant, Strata Manger, Property Manger or Loss Adjuster if required.
  • A Technician will explain the course of action/s to minimize and reduce the extent of damage and inconvenience that could be incurred.
  • Moving and/or removal of loose content items will generally be required and stored in our secured onsite warehouse.
  • Extraction of excess water from the property.
  • Removal of any flooring that is unsalvageable or could prolong the drying process.
  • Installation of our state of the art drying equipment.
  • Application of Anti-microbial solution to reduce the potential on-set of mould.

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